Ex. 1. Mind the translation of different forms of the Participle.


Example:1).Examining the effect of radiation the scientists... Вивчаючи вплив радіації, вчені...

2). The scientists examining the effect of radiation discovered... Вчені, що вивчають (ли) вплив радіації, відкрили...

1. Adjusting the installation properly we undertook certain measures to prevent the trouble.

2. Accepting this unusual assumption we could not but notice (не могли не) the discrepancy between the results.

3. Ambient temperature affecting the process in question caused inevitable errors.

4. Consequently gamma ray photons resulting from the annihilation event carry no charge, charge is thus conserved.


Example:Being carried out in several laboratories PARTICIPLE the tests show...

Оскільки (якщо, коли) досліди проводяться в декількох лабораторіях, вони ...

The tests being earned out in several laboratories show...

Досліди, які проводяться в декількох лабораторіях лабораторіях, демонструють...

1. Being performed at a temperature exceeding the critical point of the substance the experiment illustrated another peculiarity of transition from liquid to vapor.

2. Being supplied by the auxiliary source the electric power may feed the system of safety at nuclear power stations.

3. A problem being examined in this chapter comprises relations of interdependence among physical occurrences.

4. The detailed answer naturally depends on the properties being compared here but the inherent differences are PARTICIPLE not great.


Example: Having extended the hypothesis the scientists...

Розширивши область застосування гіпотези, вчені...

Having been extended the hypothesis incorporated... Після того, як область застосування гіпотези була розширена, вона охопила...

1. We achieved desirable results having confined the precision of the solution to the error of the experiment.

2. Having written "I have proved that the relation xm + y,m = z is impossible in integral numbers (x, y, z different from 0: m greater than 2)" Pierre Fetmat must have been right but the proof is still sought for.

3. Having made a decision with regard to the interplanetary trajectory to be followed, it will PARTICIPLE be necessary to consider the mode of entry into the trajectory.

4. Thus having been separated, deuterium, the stable isotope of hydrogen, was collected in limited quantities.

5. Having thus been introduced an extra operation facilitated the computations.

6. Having been encouraged by Davy Faraday began original investigations, initially in chemistry and then in electricity.